What We Do...

It's difficult to explain but I'll give a try...New Community Ministries and it's food bank, Food Thing Network, offers holistic Food, and Housing resources.  We are so much more than that.  We seek to be Christ's Hands and Feet in the community through all we do. Our activities are designed to promote healthy living, serve the least heard, bridge communities, and promote multi-cultural understanding. Go to News and Events for pictures of our recent outreach events!

"Empowering, Encouraging, Inspiring"   


Providing Shelter For Veteran 

****Named as a TOP RATED Food and Shelter Charity for 2010 and 2011!!*****

Here's what people are saying:

     "The help of New Community and Food Thing Network has been an incredible blessing to my family the past few months. With my husband being out of work most of this year we had exhausted all other financial resources and were about to wonder where our next week's food would come from. Thankfully, NCCM was there to supply an enormous box of food each week for a nominal fee. The food has been so abundant our fridge and freezer are filled to the brim. The volunteers have always been kind, friendly and helpful. Thanks to NCCM and Food Thing, we have a place to go when we are in a tight financial spot and know we never have to worry about putting food on the table for our family." - Aurora, IL Mom 12/2011

     "I first found out about Food Thing about 2 years ago when my family was going through an incredibly difficult time. My parents had just separated due to domestic abuse and my mom and my siblings and I were struggling to make it financially, as well as needing the encouragement and prayer support that Food Thing and New Community Ministries offered us. I can't tell you what a positive experience the individuals who lead and volunteer in this ministry have made this for us. Before becoming members of the Food Thing Co-op, we had tried out our county food pantry but the experience was so different - we felt dehumanized and like a number waiting to be processed. Additionally, the food was largely comprised of highly processed canned and boxed mixes, deserts and meats, all of which our family chose not to eat for health reasons. Our experience with New Community has been the absolute opposite! Each week when we arrive for pickup, we are treated with dignity and welcomed individually. The team members have made us feel like welcomed friends and the food has been fresh organic produce that we can feel good about putting on the table.... This ministry is nurturing the wounded and helping them get back on their feet, not just passing out groceries. It truly is a hand up, not just a handout. I now volunteer with the ministry and feel that I am receiving a double blessing by being able to give back in a ministry that I know has such an impact on so many!"  (Plainfield, IL)

My husband's unemployment put us in a position we never thought we be in. We had been blessed financially for so many years, and had been the ones doing the giving. Now we found ourselves in the position of receiving generosity from others........ This ministry made perfect sense. It kept good food from being thrown away and got it into the hands of people who needed it. What really differentiates New Community Ministries is that it is offering a hand up, not just a hand out. Able bodied clients are expected to volunteer within the ministry somehow. This allows us to keep our dignity and brings positive feelings from helping others."  (Name Withheld)

     "We were out of work when my friend introduced us to this program. We were a bit shy at first as it was hard to accept help. But new community ministeries members made us feel very comfortable. Whole process of packing food ,storing it and then distributing is neat and clean. It helped us in a big way..."  (-Naperville Mom)

      "...it's one of the most original yet thoughtful food drives I've worked with. The sense of camaraderie between the people that come every week really surprised me. At many other pantries, people are friendly but seem to focus more on getting food and getting home. Here, people stay well into the night after food has been distributed, and they just talk--about their lives, about their worries, about funny events that happened. And they offer to help each other as well, giving what they can because they want to.." (Jess)

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       What We Believe

We believe that every person has value.  We recognize that when we serve with our unique gifts and talents we have a clearer vision of God’s unique purpose for our lives.  As we serve our brothers and sisters - we not only serve Jesus - we  raise the standard of humanity for all on our planet.

When communities move together, not in the same effort - but rather in harmony - we can accomplish much in the way of peace and justice for the overall good of the world.  Through our living example of “other-centered” community, New Community will be a LIGHT of Christ’s love in the world by serving others sacrificially, as Christ did for us.

"Again, truly I say to you that if two of you are in harmony on earth concerning any matter for which they ask, it will be done for them from My Father who is in the Heavens."  
                                                                                      Matthew 18:18